About Us

Who and what is Hope Science?

Hope Science is a unique, natural products company. We do not offer an entire line of supplements like many companies, rather only a few select products supported by scientific studies and trials.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Vanderlinden, had a patient who had three back surgeries and was still in constant agony. His pain was unbearable. During a clinic visit, Dr. Vanderlinden rubbed some Esterified Fatty Acid Complex (EFAC) Pain Cream on this patient’s back.  Within minutes his pain began to subside and the sufferer’s eyes sparkled. “I actually have hope again,” the man gleefully stated. Hence, the company’s name was born: Hope Science.

Dr. Vanderlinden’s primary inspiration for natural medicine, and subsequently natural products, was his mother, who had terminal cancer and was given only a few months to live. She survived the disease by using natural medicine instead of the typical allopathic treatment and chemical-based drugs.

We believe that at the very core of medicine should be hope. People with health challenges always hope to get better, but need scientifically proven products, hence our name: Hope Science.