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Real Hope. Thanks to Great Science!

The Story of Our Name

Our founder, Dr. Vanderlinden, was treating a new patient that was suffering chronic unrelenting pain despite having had three back surgeries over 20 years. In front of his daughter, the patient said his pain was so bad for so long, he wished he could end his life; however, he was simply too scared to do so. Dr. Vanderlinden had the patient apply Active Again pain cream while he took notes on his condition. Ten minutes later Dr. Vanderlinden noticed that the patient’s eyes were much brighter, and asked him what was happening? He said that for the first time in years he was feeling relief. He was no longer talking suicide and Dr. Vanderlinden could see the “HOPE” had returned to his patient.

Hope Science (hohp sahy-uhns) noun english US UK CAN

Hope is the essence of medicine. Patients visit their physician with the hope that their condition will improve. Science is the foundation of medicine and the reason for hope. Hence our name, Hope Science.

Saving Thousands of Lives

Finding Cancer Early- Often the difference between living and dying!

Dr. Vanderlinden met Professor Shamsuddin, who is the inventor of IP6 Health over 20 years ago when he was chairing a medical conference in Kyoto Japan. Professor Shamsuddin had also invented an early detection test designed to alert physicians when an atypical sugar was present in lung, breast, colon and prostate tissue, despite patients having no symptoms to suggest a problem.

This illustration clearly shows how dramatically the 5-year survival rate for colon cancer is impacted when a tumor is found early (stage 1) versus when found late (stage 4).

Dr. Vanderlinden feels if judged simply on the number of lives that can be saved, that this is the most important medical advancement since penicillin in 1928. After more than 20 published peer-reviewed clinical trials with thousands of patients, he is humbled to have been involved in the project and is truly elated to announce that the test will become available in 2023!  

www.earlydetectioninc.com       www.Cancer.US

Giving Back

Vanderlinden’s mother overcame a terminal Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer diagnosis when he just was 12 years old and it inspired him to become a physician. He knows he had a good life largely because he had a mother, without whom life would have been very different. Shortly after graduating as a Naturopathic physician, his mother died of lung cancer. Cancer kills over 600,000 in the US every year. Hope Science will donate a portion of sales to the charity that will be providing the test kits to those less fortunate.

In addition, on the FOR PETS page you will read how Dr. Vanderlinden was saved from drowning by his Uncle’s dog, Cindy when he was just 6 years old. Having had dogs his whole life, he knows how much of a contribution they can make to a family. A portion of Hope Science sales will be donated to M’Shoogy’s Pet Rescue and Angels Vet Express. This remarkable rescue founded over 30 years ago by Gary and Lisa Silverglat, who have worked tirelessly for our furry friends, have at times, taking care of over 1000 pets in the no-kill shelter.

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