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Active Again Information

Active Again – Effective and Safe

Active Again is a major medical advancement. It is clinically proven with extensive research published in leading peer-reviewed medical journals.

95% Absorption

The crucial issue for any topical pain reliever is absorption. Many topical analgesics have minimal absorption and function primarily at the skin level. Active Again Pain Cream contains cetylated oils. Researchers from the University of Minnesota discovered that an astounding 95% of cetylated oils were absorbed when taken orally and estimated similar absorption when applied on the skin. The University of Minnesota researchers discovered cetylated oils in all the same tissues when taken orally or applied topically and thus, TRUE dermal absorption..

Pain Relief in Minutes

Leading researchers from the University of Connecticut discovered that cetylated oils provided both short-term relief and long-term benefits. We believe Active Again Pain Cream is the most advanced topical analgesic ever! It is a combination of clinically proven cetylated oils and menthol. Active Again Pain Cream absorbs readily through the skin to reach sore muscles and joints and the menthol adds the surface cooling pain relief. Together they do more!

Proven Effective and Safe

Researchers were awarded first prize out of 90 papers at the Scripps Conference in San Diego. After just two weeks on Active Again Capsules patients with knee discomfort could walk farther. Results continued to improve and after eight weeks they walked 537 feet more in a six minute timed walk. Very importantly, the placebo group of patients did not improve, which implies that the patients taking Active Again did not simply “got in shape” and that the cetylated oils were responsible for the remarkable improvement.

Active Again has been clinically shown to improve range of motion and restore joint health with no side effects. Active Again lubricates cell membranes throughout the body. This includes the enhancement of fluids that cushion your bones and joints so that you can move with ease. The health of your cell membranes affects numerous conditions, even the “process of aging” is greatly impacted by cell membrane lubrication. We therefore feel that people wanting to improve the health of their joints and/or are concerned with aging in general, can potentially benefit from Active Again.

Complement your care with clinically proven Active Again!

Active Again is great for pets too! Click here to read about Duke Story - An Underdog's Tale

Active Again FAQs

Active Again is a major medical advancement. It is clinically proven both as a topical cream and in capsule form with extensive research and has no reported side effects. Active Again is an extract of beef tallow that contains several unique cetylated oils. In essence Active Again is a food extract and very safe.

Clinical research has demonstrated cetylated oils to have a far more profound anti-inflammatory-like effect than omega 3 oils. Please note that cetylated oils are not the same as omega 3 oils.

Cetylated oils are very unique in that not only are they well absorbed when taken in capsule form, research has shown that cetylated oils are also very effective when applied topically to the skin.

Also, note that Active Again is an all-natural product that does not have parabens in the cream or soy in the capsules.

Absolutely! We offer a “risk-free” money-back guarantee on your purchase of Active Again from us. If you try Active Again and are unsatisfied with how it works for you,  we will refund your individual purchase cost.

Active Again provides restoration to a wide range of joint health conditions including sports injuries to joints, muscles, tendons and deep tissue. Active Again’s beneficial effects have been proven far superior, longer-lasting, and much faster-acting than Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and other natural joint health products.

CBD is very popular with a multitude of CBD products for both people and pets. Unfortunately, CBD efficacy is questionable at best. A recent meta-analysis of CBD to treat pain, which included 16 clinical trials and 1750 people came to this “Bottom Line” conclusion:

“There is a lack of good evidence that any cannabis-derived product works for any chronic neuropathic pain.”

If CBD and/or THC efficacy is questionable orally, then why use it topically, especially since as a cream, CBD has the added challenge of absorption? If the CBD component does not reach sore muscles and joints, then it will have limited effectiveness. It may be that in many cases premium priced CBD pain cream may no more effective than a basic menthol cream. When purchasing a CBD pain cream to determine if it really works, you can ask the company or sales rep for published clinical trial results in peer-reviewed medical journals. If a company has not conducted and published research showing their product works better than a simple menthol cream, you may want to be cautious. A tactic used by some CBD companies, is to show scientific references, however the references are not clinical trial results.

On the other hand, Active Again pain cream and capsules have shown clear, science-based, clinically-demonstrated improvements in pain relief and range of motion etc. With Active Again offering quality scientific support and a risk-free guarantee, the choice between Active Again and CBD should be clear- Active Again!

Click here to read the meta-analysis.

By lubricating cell membranes throughout the body, Active Again restores fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility. Over time, because of the reduction of inflammation delivered by using Active Again, the joints and surrounding tissue have an opportunity to promote healthy function. Active Again as a topical cream is highly unique in that: first it is absorbed and secondly it functions as above.

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Our products are the highest professional quality, evidence-based and as such, they are dispensed by health professionals such as doctors, chiropractors, and veterinarians, etc. However, we realize that patients move or are no longer seeing their healthcare professional, and so we do offer direct- to-consumer (DTC) sales. We charge a flat rate of $9 shipping for all DTC orders under $65. Shipping is free if you register for Autoship or if you purchase over $65, such as 1 bottle of Active Again soft gels and a 4 oz. jar of Active Again pain cream. Also, depending on where you live in the US it usually takes 2 to 4 weekdays on average for delivery. If you have a smaller order, purchasing our products from your healthcare provider will save you shipping costs.

Absolutely! Active Again is often a key component of “anti-aging” protocols due to the potent, yet safe lubricating/anti-inflammatory properties of cetylated oils. It has been said that “We are not aging, we’re inflaming.” In both western and natural medicine, long-term efforts to reduce inflammation safely and effectively is becoming very common. The old adage, an ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure, is true in so many ways.

Please call us at 1-866-NATURAL and we will share the strategies that have worked well for your colleagues. Active Again is very reasonably priced for patients and so you will not “get rich” on any one patient. However because so many patients can benefit from Active Again, the chances are that once you have seen the results of Active Again first hand that you will start recommending it for many of your patients. You may be surprised how Active Again can add to your clinic success with very little effort. And because Active Again is so effective, your patients will be happy with the results and hence you can expect more referrals, which is always nice.

Yes, over 1/2 billion Active Again doses have been distributed to date, with no known or reported side effects. Please see the safety link for more info.

Active Again is manufactured from a complex blend of cetylated fatty acids, derived from bovine tallow oil.

Both oral and topical applications were shown to be highly effective in separate studies. It was proven that Active Again could be absorbed both orally or topically into the body. Please note that compared to other topical creams that Active Again’s dermal absorption is a major advantage, as the cetylated oils can reach sore muscles and joints. Both are effective long term; however, the topical cream provides relief in minutes as opposed to weeks (2 – 8) for the capsules. An advantage of the capsules is they provide for an overall systemic effect, whereas with the cream, one receives a concentrated local effect. Together they are an extremely effective as you gets the “Outside In” benefit from the cream and the “Inside Out” benefit from the caps.

Active Again is a wonderful complement to both laser and decompression therapy. In fact, physicians are now including Active Again capsules as a standard part of their protocol to complement the effects of laser and decompression. The only case in which Active Again is not recommended is Active Again cream with a laser. One of the goals of the laser is to heat tissue. Because the cream has a cooling effect, you will not want to limit the laser’s effectiveness. You can simply have patients use the cream after their laser treatment or if they prefer at least an hour before.

The cause of wear on the joint area can be attributable to inflammation as well as insufficient lubrication and cell membrane fluidity. Glucosamine may assist in joint health, although clinical trial data has shown mixed results; sometimes helping, but usually not, according to a meta-analysis published in the British Medical Journal ( You can also see more information on our “Research Section” tab. Active Again provides continuous lubrication and allows the cell membrane to repel inflammatory chemicals and the assaults on the membrane. They can work in conjunction, however, the benefit of Active Again is far more pronounced than glucosamine. As well, because Active Again provides a cellular lubricating effect, there are several potential areas of benefit besides the joints.

One of the most common questions we receive is about the use of Coumadin or Warfarin and Active Again. The Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR) provides the following advice regarding herb and nutrient consumption while taking Coumadin or Warfarin. Note: Active Again is a fatty acid compound – and per the information directly from the PDR – fatty acids are not included in the list of nutrients to be avoided. The list of those that should be avoided or not to be started once you are on anti-coagulant drugs includes bromelain, coenzyme Q10, danshen, dong quai, garlic, Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng, St. John’s Wort, Vitamin E, and Vitamin K. Per the PDR, none of the fatty acids (such as fish oil, Evening Primrose oil, Borage, cetylated fatty acids, olive oil, etc.) are included in the list of nutrients to be avoided.

No, Cox 2 inhibitors and Active Again work differently in the body.

Although the compounds in Active Again are fatty acids, they do not replace the need for Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish oils or flaxseed oil – they are complementary and can be taken together; each having their own beneficial action. Many people take Omega 3 fish oils for their anti-inflammatory action, however, in broad tests, Active Again’s cellular lubricating effects have proven to be far more effective.

If a health product doesn’t reach its destination or target tissues, how can it help?

With the skin being a natural barrier, the crucial issue for topicals is absorption. There are a multitude of menthol creams that provide effective temporary pain relief. However, with limited dermal absorption, can menthol creams do more than assist with temporary relief?

Cetylated oils are natural cellular lubricants and have shown outstanding results in double-blind, peer reviewed university conducted clinical trials. University of Minnesota researchers using radio tagging found that, 95% of cetylated oils were absorbed orally and they estimated a similar amount was absorbed when applied topically. Most importantly, that found the cetylated oils in all the same tissues when given orally or applied topically. Thus there was TRUE dermal absorption.

Anyone who is in pain will attest to the value of relief, albeit temporary, and for this reason we include menthol in our Active Again Pain Cream. However, it is the cetylated oils that truly set us apart. Menthol provides the cooling surface pain relief, while cetylated oils penetrates deeply to reach sore muscles and joints. As a combination, menthol and cetylated oils simply do more.

Active Again – When you want to do more than just temporarily mask the pain!
Active Again is known for its Efficacy and Safety!

First, do no harm. With any product a fundamental issue is safety. The safety of cetylated oils were tested at the University of Minnesota. Researchers gave these oils to animals in enormous quantities—1,300 times the regular dose or the equivalent of a human consuming 3,900 capsules daily (3 per day x 1,300). Even at these very large dosages, no pathology or concerns were detectable.

Active Again 4oz Label
Active Again 16oz Label
Active Again Capsules Label

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