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Pet Testimonials

I had dispensed lots of Active Again for my people patients, however “Petey” was the first dog I provided Active Again. He was a friend’s 15-year-old shepherd cross. For several months Petey had extreme difficulty getting up and usually soiled himself where he rested. His owners were dreading the very difficult decision of what to do, as he had been a part of the family since a pup. After only a few days on Active Again he was able to get up much more easily and could now go outside without difficulty. Petey was happy again. Then 6 weeks later they ran out of Active Again and in a short time Petey’s difficulties returned. His owner called to get another bottle and within a day Petey was better again. Over the next several months they ran out a 2nd and 3rd time. Each time within a day or two after restarting, he could get up and move easily and would be back to his normal happy self. If it happened once, one might wonder if it was a coincidence. However when such profound results occurred 3 times in a row, it left little doubt in my mind that Active Again helped Petey and his family enjoy a couple more years of quality life together.

Dr. Kim Vanderlinden

President of Hope Science

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